Teacher Training FULL SCHOLARSHIP!


Applications close September 1, 2015

Applications welcome from anywhere in the world!

International Candidates Welcome to Apply –
No riding

Every year the Society, towards the end of the year offers Scholarships to attend training for both individuals and groups, and they should open around October, 2015.


However, in the meantime, we have a wonderful surprise.  We are offering a ONE TIME SPECIAL ONLY Scholarship to attend – TOTALLY FREE – teacher training instead of just “at home”…traveling with Colleen Kelly and the team ourselves to Johannesburg, South Africa in November 3-8, 2015


Love to see the elephants but not sure?  That’s why you come with us because we’ve been there many times before, and have lots of great friends in the country.  We will be collected at the airport by the hosts, and driven to our billet accommodation with the venue hosts, and with Colleen during all the major transfers.  This means we’re safe and secure (and can’t get ourselves lost!).


Anyone who really wants to get to the next level of their coaching.  You do not need to ride, however if you do, there will be some AMAZING horses to ride if you are a higher level rider.  If you are a lower level rider, DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED.  We are selecting you from the QUALITY of your application not the QUANTITY of your application, and previously have had disabled winners, and many from disadvantaged ethnic backgrounds.


FREE?  It is a 100% FULL Scholarship.

All of your training – everything is completely free of charge. A 100% scholarship.

You only need to pay for your accommodation, meals & transport, but even then there may be low-cost lodging near the venue available at only the smallest charge – South Africa is very cheap.   You will be “one of us” from the beginning to the end so that you feel safe and confident with us the entire time.

  • So, for example.  A return flight from Orlando is around $1400.
  • A return flight from Dublin is roughly $ 812
  • A return flight from Lexington KY is roughly $1661


To apply:  Simply email my intern Kristen Hunnicutt at coinsmaiden@gmail.com.

Please let us know – in under 200 words:

  • Your background and details with riding and coaching
  • How you will use this scholarship to help other riders
  • What are your long term goals and dreams and how will this scholarship help you get there
  • How can you help the Society in the long term

PAYING TO COME:  Didn’t win the scholarship?  Still want to come anyway?

We still take PAYING clients both from South Africa and overseas.  The information on the Clinic Costs is here.  If you are coming from overseas, the normal teacher training costs apply as on the South African brochure.  However to make you feel settled and really secure and safe holiday, we can help you with:

  • Booking your flights so as much as possible we link up and hopefully travel together
  • Booking your accommodation.  We can help you look for local hotels, bed & breakfast, or may be able to arrange billet accommodation so you are nearby.
  • Super special:  At least two days off, one before and one after the clinic to see the local sites.  This might be the elephants, or the cave of the first man, or other recommended sites by the ‘locals’.  This are a totally informal days and so long as you are willing to ‘go with the flow’ and hang out with Colleen and friends, it should be an amazing time!

Simply contact us