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Speakers and Advisors

  • Luis Lucio (2 time Olympian, President of the Dressage Committee (Spain). FEI Board member
  • Assoc. Prof Fernanda Carmargo DVM, PhD  University of Kentucky
  • Assist. Prof Bob Coleman PhD University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Tod Davis
  • Dr. Karen Hanks
  • Anneke Roodt, Retired Soloist from the SA Lippizaners
  • Kelly Sigler, MA, Level 1*,   Eventer of the Year  – Safety Officer
  • Dr. Stephanie Keeley, Midway University
  • Connie Jehlik, United States Pony Club Association
  • Virginia Stirnweiss (Side Saddle)
  • Dr. Sue Massimo PhD
  • Amy Bennett Vanner – Safety Officer
  • Aaron Rolston, World Equestrian Games Medallist – Reining Demos

Thank you!

Seat and position for ALL sports…

  • The London Metropolitan Police. The ISRB gave day-long training at the famous Imbercort, where they train Police Officers not just to ride, but to take off their saddles while jumping! We received a plaque/award and great thanks for helping create a safer seat & position for the officers. This is the group that guards the Queen of England’s guards.
  • The University of Kentucky, Asbury University and Midway University for co-hosting 5 year’s worth of International Symposiums at their venues
  • The Certified Horsemanship Association – for providing speakers to our events
  • National Reining Horse Association – for providing demo riders & horse
  • Lexington Mounted Police Unit, Kentucky Horse Park Police, Albuquerque, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Lord Strathcona Mounted Garrison), Tampa Mounted Unit, Houston Police and Austin Police Mounted Units for hosting training and providing demo riders for large events for our biomechanics demonstrations (such as World Equestrian Games and the 2013, 14, 15, 16 International Symposiums)
  • Nathan Brashear, Eric Martinovich and Big Horse Productions for providing vaulters for training and demos, and for Daryn Fredricks, National Australian Vaulting Coach who approached us at Equitana to come and give biomechanics demos to vaulters (including International Gold Medal winning team members), and helped start our initial vaulting program.  In addition to just teaching seat and position, the ISRB was instrumental in starting the Victorian Vaulting Association, the Tasmanian Vaulting Association, Paris Vaulting and Florida Vaulting, and our members have been state representatives to the Australian National Vaulting council in the past.
  • The Riding for Disabled Association for the five Awards the ISRB has received
  • The First Lady of Kentucky for her video appearance at the International Symposium
  • The SA Lippizaners (only subsidiary of the Spanish School) for hosting the teacher training clinic, and for running a gala evening event for the ISRB where the ISRB donated the 100% of the funds to the School
  • New Bolton Center, Penn State University for twice hosting official evening lectures.
  • Virginia Tech for hosting two official day lectures, and one gala evening presentation.
  • Missouri State University for hosting demonstrations and lectures on several occasions.
  • Meredith College for hosting an official short day presentation.
  • Equitana, Equine Affaire (Ohio, CA & MA), Horse World Expo, Mid West Horse Fair, Wellington Dressage Festival
  • The Equestrian Federation of Australia (presentations at CCI*** International Events)
  • The United States Equestrian Federation (Cincinnati, Ohio Conference presentation)
  • CADORA (Canada) for inviting our coaches to present at the International Grand Prix Judge’s clinic on seat, position & the rider mark for higher dressage.
  • ZANEF (South Africa) for arranging a wonderful gala evening, and hosting a clinic/teaching/demo and for helping arrange the 2018 tour with the SA Pony Clubs with the ISRB “Kidsafe Program”