Entire Teacher Training Program for Level 1, 2, and 3 on our brand new fast streaming service. The world’s largest library of help for seat, posture & balance. Suits parents, coaches and riders, and is mandatory reading for official ISRB Coaches. Very easy to understand language for all.  The price includes the ENTIRE teacher training program including days filmed around the world, and many of the world’s most prestigious coaches, including three entire International Symposiums filmed at University of Kentucky, Asbury Uni, Midway Uni and Kentucky Horse Park.  Email us for more info

PAST EXAM: A must have – not just if you’re doing the exam – but a wonderful summary of seat posture & balance for all riders, coaches & parents who help.  The full highly in-depth Official Answers to the previous ISRB Official Teacher Training Exams – highly In depth PDF EBook in easy to understand language.   More info

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