Dressage Master ANNEKE ROODT Confirmed for KY Symposium Reply

SQUARE Dressage Star Facebook.jpgOne of the greatest people we have ever had the honor to host here in Lexington Kentucky at the International Symposium is (retired) Soloist from the SA Lippizaners Anneke Roodt.

Anneke was the star presenter at our very first symposium, making so many friends she was even invited to do an impromptu performance/show at Kentucky Horse Park.

This spur of the moment event, on super-star horse “Saint” can be seen on the very first Symposium Videos (part of our new on-line training DVD system).

Riders – email us for application form

Spectators – book here


If you, and your horse, are already Level 2/3 and you’re wanting to learning flying changes, half pass/changes or pirouettes for the first time, or are ready to start piaffe/passage steps…or if you’re already Grand Prix and want to get the competitive edge and polished world class performance, then Ms. Roodt is a kind, highly skilled, and highly trained Grand Prix (and Lippizan Performance) specialist.

Her great sense of humor comes from her many years of training with the school and riding in the show week after week.  This gives a certain confidence and understanding, a daily training ethic that we can all aspire to.

Ms. Roodt was so popular at our original symposium that she will book out immediately as there are highly limited places.

The level 3 program will spend almost half the day with Ms. Roodt, and the remainder of the day looking at pure biomechanics, balance, advanced techniques for all sports including jumping, eventing, reining and speed sports such as polo & polocrosse.

Highly limited places!

Riders – email us for application form

Spectators – book here

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