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Helping others…

Your annual membership helps give free training and scholarships to people who need it: disabled, veterans, wounded warriors, therapeutic riding, 4H clubs and pony clubs.  Our members donate literally millions of dollars worth of training – but they need your help and support to continue the amazing work of training these facilities for free.

You are welcome…

The Society welcomes people of all ages: riders and non-riders, anyone who has an interest in seat, position & balance of the horse rider, making the position safer and improving the comfort of the horse. Memberships start on January 1 each year, and are valid for 1 year.  More information

Hi I’m Your Membership Manager

Hi I’m Amy Bennett Vanner and I am your Membership Manager. I am here to help yo any questions at all.

We really do need and appreciate your financial help and support. We are saving lives, and we are making people happy with so many of our coaches donating their time and efforts at riding charities.

QUESTIONS: Contact Amy Bennett- Vanner here

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