How to become a coach – for FREE

** SMALL FACEBOOK SYMPOSIUM **.jpgBecoming a riding coach can be expensive, but the Society NEEDS COACHES!  Every day we receive requests from all over the world asking us to recommend coaches in their area – and this business and these clients need good, qualified coaches to help them achieve their goals.

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Train for FREE!

We want to spread the word about safer seat and position – from the beginner just trying to stay on to the professional with the balance & skill to keep the horse up in a potential rotational fall. So, we’re making training even more accessible – if you’re keen and persistent and REALLY WANT to get this training – then you can – for FREE!

3 ways to get your training free:

  1. AWARDS:  Nominate yourself, or a friend for an award such as “Coach of the Year”, “Rider of the Year” etc.  Voting is anonymous and you can vote as many times as you like!  Voting Here
  2. SCHOLARSHIPS:  Nominate yourself, or a friend for a scholarship. These are awarded in many different categories. See: Scholarship Info
  3. VOLUNTEERS:  Volunteer to help at the symposium, or on the Board. Depending on the numbers of hours you can give us – we reward you with free DVDs, free training, or if you have enough hours the entire course (value around $2,000) for FREE!  See more  Volunteer Info

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