Become a registered coach

Level One Teacher Training Course

The Level 1 teacher training course is now even easier to get started.  There is no attendance necessary, you can completely study at home, be examined at home, and receive your certificate(s) without ever having to travel.

Level 1 Step One – DVDs

Instead of hours of manuals, books and articles, we recognize that most coaches already in the industry are exhausted at the end of the day, and sitting down and studying at 11pm at night is just impossible.

So, for the past 4 years we have been filming the entire Level 1 course – at different venues for you to watch on DVD at home.  We have the world’s very best Professors, riders, coaches and educators speaking and demonstrating seat, position & balance, step by step, in easy language.  Simply sit down, put your feet up, have a cuppa and if you watch 20 or 30 minutes a day – you will be soon through the program.

Anyone can purchase the DVD’s  – you don’t need to be a member.  You don’t need to be a coach or registered.  You don’t have to do the exams to read and learn the entire course material!  The DVD’s contain everything the coach will ever need to know about seat, position & balance for their own riding & coaching.  Purchase DVD’s

Or, go ahead and sign up for the full course (which includes the DVD’s, plus much more) and get started right away  Start the L1 course here

Level 1 Step Two – Theory Exam

If you have purchased the DVD’s only, and not signed up for the course, then now’s the time to fully sign up.  Let us know when you have completed all the DVD’s, and we will send you the theory exam you can complete on-line.  You have 1 month to return your written exam to us.

Please note: You need to be a Member of the ISRB to sit the theory exam, but you can easily join on line here and, as a coach, yours is the discounted coach’s membership. Membership includes all DVD’s – plus a lot more!  It also includes the past exam questions & answers.

Level 1 Step Three. Practical Exam

The Practical exam is now even easier!  All you need to do is teach a lesson to one of your friends or pupils, film it on your cell phone or camera, and download it to us. Based on the results of your theory exam we will give you a list of things we need to see.

Awards & Certificates

  1. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to anyone who completes the theory examination with a pass mark.
  2. A High Distinction Certificate is awarded to anyone who receives a mark of 90% or above.
  3. A beautiful medal that is ideal to be framed is awarded to anyone who receives a mark of 95% or above.


Level 2 Teacher Training Course

You need to be a Registered Level 1 Coach for 12 months prior to signing up to do the Level 2 course.  You can sign up and get started today on L2 here.

Level 2 Course Materials & additional study.

We recognize that many people sitting exams are already highly qualified and experienced in the field. We have therefore INCLUDED all the Level 2 DVD’s in the original Level 1 package – so there is no more need to purchase new material (however we suggest that, after a year of being Level 1, it is ideal to review the L1 & L2 material again).

The DVD package includes – step by step – in easy language: shoulder in, travers, renvers, half pass, pirouettes, higher level advanced balance training, jumping position, and much much more!

The Level 2 is more one-on-one and we help you, step by step, through the course. We will take into account your existing experience, and may recommend additional courses or attendances if you are less experienced.

You can sign up for the Level 2 course as soon as you have been a Level 1 coach for 12 months & get started right away  Start the L2 course here

Level 2 Step Two – Theory Exam

Similar to the L1, just let us know when you’re ready for your exam, and we will email it to you.

Level 2 Step Two – Practical Exam

Unlike the Level 1, your practical exam needs to be done live.  However, we now have examiners all over the world, and all you need to do is arrange a clinic in your area. Your own place is free if you arrange a clinic, and they are very easy to fill as people are begging for higher level clinics in their area.  See host a clinic

Awards & Certificates

  1. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to anyone who completes the theory examination with a pass mark.
  2. A High Distinction Certificate is awarded to anyone who receives a mark of 90% or above.
  3. A beautiful medal that is ideal to be framed is awarded to anyone who receives a mark of 95% or above.


Level 3 Teacher Training Course

Level 3 is the very highest level of mastery.  You can associate it to a PhD.  And, as such, it requires that you have a mentor in the Society, and arrange at least 3 clinics in your area – a riding clinic, a Level 2 Clinic and a Level 3 Clinic.

This is the highest possible information and training. This course involves piaffe, passage, higher level (Olympic) eventing & reining skills.  As a higher level Professorial (PhD) level course it is estimated to take at least 3-4 years to complete the Level 3 Course.

As you are arranging the clinics in your area – there is no cost to you to do the Level 3 course at all – including all exams.

Level 3 Course Materials & additional study.

It would be understood that an extensive recommended reading program be started of the major equine works of history.  It would be highly regarded if you have studied the dressage judge’s course, even if at the lower levels.

You will also need to provide additional references or information of your own riding career.  Only riders at the highest level would be considered for Level 3 (however if you are retired from riding your previous scores or experience would still be considered).



Anyone at all can join the Society – no prerequisitesisrb-logo-member1

It is wonderful to have on your resume “Member of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics” (take a look the logo right you could use on facebook etc). Your membership fees, or even small donations really do help us immensely with donating hundreds of hours to coach para-equestrian coaches for free, donate fundraisers & training to Wounded Warriors, and give free clinics, scholarships and training to coaches involved in so many therapeutic riding charities around the world. Join today!

Frequently asked questions…

How long will the course take?

  • The Level 1 course is like a Bachelor’s Degree.  If you are fresh out of high school, then yes it could take as long as a couple of years to be at the level that is safe, professional and qualified to teach the specialty of biomechanics.  However…we have had experienced coaches watch the DVD’s in just a matter of weeks, and then pass exams not only with the High Distinction Certificate, but also the High Achievement Medal!

    The Level 2 course is very like a Master’s Degree..and as such you will need a mentor in the Society, and will be coached one-on-one a good deal of the time.  You need to be a Level 1 coach for a minimum of 1 year before signing up for the Level 2. However, during that year you can be studying your Level 2, as you already have ALL the material on DVD in the original DVD package.  Often people sit their Level 2 exams as soon as it is possible (i.e. 12 months after becoming a Level 1)…so within 12 months they’re a Level 1 AND Level 2 coach!  That’s the fastest way possible.

Financially it’s hard for me right now…is there any help?

  • Yes!  We have spread your payments out over 12 months to make it easier.  Some people might finish the course sooner, which is great, or they might not be finished when the payments cease.  Either way, the split payments are just there to help you get started.  They don’t relate to how long we think it should take you to finish the course.

What happened to the International Symposium?

  • Due to immigration changes and stricter controls on entry, a lot of people are now unable to attend the International Symposium in Kentucky…so – don’t worry – we’ve brought it to you!  ALL of the Symposiums have been filmed and are on the DVD package you purchase.  There is no need to attend Symposiums.  We hope the next Symposium will be in the UK and/or Australia in 2018/19.

Do I need First Aid Certification?

  • We highly recommend you do one of the first aid certifications on line (they’re free now) even before you start our courses.
  • You need to provide your certification to us prior to being listed as a recommended coach on our website.
  • Level 2 coaches also need to attend a large animal first aid/safety/rescue clinic in addition to first aid.  We have two highly qualified safety officers, who are also official coaches who will be happy to do a course at your your home.  If you arrange a clinic/course, your own attendance is free.

Do I need insurance?

  • The Society is working to get companies to work with us on discounted insurance for our coaches.  You can do your theory exam, and become a member, without insurance, however by the time you are doing the practical exam, it’s HIGHLY advised you have insurance.   To be listed on our website as a recommended coach – you need to have insurance.

Will this certification help my business?

  • The quick answer is YES – absolutely!  Every day we receive requests for clinics and coaches all over the world.  We do not nearly have enough coaches to handle the amount of enquiries – and once you’re qualified and listed in that area – it’s you they’ll be contacting straight away.
  • The Membership and Certificates you receive in this course are highly regarded around the world.  Our Symposiums co-hosted with the University of Kentucky, Asbury University and Midway University over many years are the only such Symposium of it’s kind in the world, and the information all available on DVD which you can share with your pupils to help their skills, and show your high level of professionalism.
  • We will promote you!  At any event we are happy to have your posters, giveaways, fliers etc.  At venues such as Equitana, Equine Affaire, Royal Dublin etc. where we have the largest trade stands testing people’s seat & position we are happy to have your giveaways on our stand.
  • At a small cost, advertising is available on the website & mailers.  The Society has the right to refuse advertising that is against the Mission Statement of the Society.