Amazing figures released!

Colleen Kelly UK University of KentuckyWhen I started to prepare for my lecture at the University of Kentucky, as part of the International Symposium, I was preparing figures – only to be shocked myself at how much our Society has actually done to help charities and riders in need.

The audiences were astounded at the Symposium when I took time to point out what I truly didn’t know myself – to date we have

  • Raised almost $150,000  for para-equestrians
  • Donated $8,220,000 of FREE TRAINING to Police, Therapeutic & Pony Clubs around the world.  Yes, over $8 million dollars to people who would otherwise never receive this training – and most of it SAFETY training. Safe seat, position & balance to get the Officer home safely, the child to be more confident, the professional to improve performance, and the trail rider to ride out there for long hours, and many years, without pain.  Without our coach’s donation, that would never have happened!

Please help!  You could support our work by:

Or, you might want to  book a clinic in your area.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank our coaches.  As President I can only do so much.  I try to donate as much as I can, especially when it’s the KidSafe Program, KidSafe Program but to think that our coaches are out there saying “YES” to these opportunity to help their community makes me so proud.

So, thank you, I am blessed to be working with the best people in the world,

Colleen Kelly