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Speakers and Advisors

• Assoc. Prof Fernanda Carmargo DVM, PhD  University of Kentucky
• Assist. Prof Bob Coleman PhD University of Kentucky
• Dr. Tod Davis
• Dr. Karen Hanks
• Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly
• Luis Lucio (2 time Olympian, Head of the Dressage Committee in Spain, and FEI Board member
• Anneke Roodt, Retired Soloist from the SA Lippizaners
• Kelly Sigler, MA, Level 1*,   Eventer of the Year  – Safety Officer
• Dr. Stephanie Keeley, Midway University
• Connie Jehlik, United States Pony Club Association
• National Reining Horse Association
• Virginia Stirnweiss (Side Saddle)
• Dr. Sue Massimo PhD
• Amy Bennett Vanner – Safety Officer