RIP: Gail Rice

On behalf of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics, I would like to offer our sincere love, prayers and support to the family of Gail Rice on her passing last night.
Gail was an amazing woman, and friend to the Society. For me, personally, she kind of “came out of nowhere”, and helped us TREMENDOUSLY by spread the word of our events, and our articles and research. Often I’d be looking at someone else’s Facebook page, and here she had already “spread the word” for us. She must have spent hours helping us!
Official Coach Kelly Sigler and myself gained tremendously from her help. She would promote our work, let people know everything we’re doing, but it soon became more than that and blossomed into a wonderful friendship.
Ever since Gail found she had a brain tumor…I don’t think I read a negative thing she said in all this time through her treatment and surgery. It was ALL positive ALL built with hope, and every word I read that she wrote was in thanks and support of her wide group of friends and family, and in what could have been a dark time, she filled it with the brightest light – with many posts – day after day filled with only ever positive things to say.
What an amazing role model to the world. The way she went through all of this was so classy, so positive, so wonderful, I cannot help being really affected by Gail…not by her loss, but by seeing the unexplainable positivity in everything she did, wrote, touched or felt.
Gail was a very good friend to the Society, and her incredible support of me personally will never be forgotten.
I will be thinking of her and trying to model her as an example of how to write, how to think about things, how to teach, but more importantly, how to live an amazing life of friendship, love, light and positivity…no matter what!
I am sure her family would appreciate seeing your comment of love and support here: